I am a writer of mostly HORROR FICTION, but tend toward the cross blending of genres. I spend most of my days/nights reading, writing, or otherwise advancing my career in writing.

I watch far too much television (mostly via Netflix, or some other on line source). I’m a long-time gamer; but these days I’m fairly selective about what I play.

I’m open to questions, editing suggestions, comments, or anything of the sort.

It is my intention/desire to receive reader feedback on the SURVIVING THE GAME serial, as it IS the method by which I have chosen to work out all the kinks in the story…

As a future novel (or perhaps novel trilogy) is planned for the conclusion of this work.

The serial is meant to be a kind of fluid outline where YOU the reader get to know the characters, at the same time as I do. And by your comments/suggestions/input some aspects of the story may be affected/changed over time.

Though I am a bit shy in person I have always felt the major problem with the reader/writer relationship is that there is so much distance.

Though it breaks all the rules I DO NOT do expanded outlines. As I feel it would kill most of my desire to discover what happens next, since I would in fact already know. It’s just always felt too rigid for me.

It is my hope that the serial will help eliminate both problems. By allowing the reader to (somewhat) help mold/shape a story, and helping (me), the writer, to figure out what’s working, and what isn’t, before actually committing to the mammoth undertaking that is a novel.

Though I am offering all parts of the serial on my website FOR FREE–for an indefinite length of time (see NOT FOREVER)–I do ask that once the novel comes out, you, the reader thank me for my generosity by purchasing a copy of the novel.

For as long as any work is on my website I grant YOU the reader the express permission to COPY/SHARE/DISTRIBUTE MY WORK at your whimsy.

Take it home with you. Steal it at work. Read it in the john. Truly, I do not care.

If you loved/hated it just come on back and tell me so.

Just don’t be wishy-washy, and make generic statements as that’s just going to piss me off, and I’ll probably ban you from commenting in the future.

Just please do yourself, and me, a favor and take some time to consider your comment, good or bad.

Negative comments WILL NOT BE DISCOURAGED so long as they are not ill conceived, or just plain personal attacks.

Religion will be shown in both positive and negative lights within the SURVIVING THE GAME serial. If that’s a problem for you whichever your alliance/faith/creed then I firmly suggest you DO NOT READ THIS WORK.

I have chosen to start this work from EVIL’S PERSPECTIVE first, as I feel THAT is one aspect of writing that hasn’t been done to death. Please hold your judgement until you’ve actually read some of the work.

Though it is not my plan to delve deeply into the religious aspects of this story–at least not in the serial–I welcome you to enlighten me where you feel I’ve gotten something wrong. But CITE YOUR WORK so that I may have more than your word for it.

This is probably one of the longest ABOUT ME pages you’ll ever find, but I just want YOU the reader to be aware of what you’re getting yourself into. To be as transparent as I possibly can.

Speaking of other dangers to be aware of: KIDS PLEASE GET YOUR PARENTS PERMISSION BEFORE EMBARKING ON THIS JOURNEY, as it is their duty to ensure your safety/mental/emotional well being, NOT MINE.

That’s all for now. Hope you enjoy my work… but if not, as always, feel free to tell me why. But please be a little more creative than, ‘THIS SUCKS’. Because if you can’t state why a thing sucks, why state it at all?

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