Contradictions & Quirks

Looking back at my last two entries it seems as if there might be some contradiction, and I felt there may be a need for clarification. Using the internet as a tool to further your learning is a good thing.

But at what point does it become the crutch that allows you to rest on your laurels?

I suppose that depends on the person. If you can crank out your set number of pages daily, all while goggling unrelentingly at the internet, then by all means do so. It may just be that that’s a part of your process.

Every writers process is different (most I tend to think become almost ritualistic). It isn’t something inherent to the introduction of the craft, but rather a development which comes from getting down-and-dirty in the trenches.

Some feel that when writing something truly dark in nature they must immerse themselves in darkness. Sometimes quite literally, writing by means of candlelight and the like.

But more often it’s a matter of reading books and watching movies/television within similar genres–these are just attempts to keep the mind fully ensconced in the world the writer is wishing to portray, and they are perfectly suitable means of maintaining the mindset. IF, it’s what works for you. Others (like myself) may, at times, choose abstinence.  

One must remember that most every story is  unique and that they may require different approaches. Take caution, and don’t let anything diminish your motion as a creative force.  Most  importantly, don’t do it simply because the Writing Overlords demand it. If it’s not working for you, lose it.  

Give yourself the FREEDOM, and flexibility, to move forward with something that might not  fit your normal range of creative thought. You never know what might come of it.

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