Sometimes a Helping Hand can Strangle: Wednesday March 11th, 2009 11:43pm

Lately, I’m becoming more aware of the time I spend on the internet under the guise of helping my writing career.

Untold hours spent trawling for writing related info. Oh I tell myself the pretty lie: that there is a world of free wisdom out there geared specifically for my kind, and that like a great sponge of gray matter I will readily absorb said knowledge.

And perhaps to some degree this is the truth. But the problem is: this educate thyself motto has taken a great portion of my time which could be spent writing.

I think the inherent malfunction may, in part, be, that I have lived most of my adult life without the use of the internet.

To me it’s like a new Christmas present, and I’m just as obsessed as I ever was with any of my shiny new toys.

Hopefully, this madness too shall pass. Though I’m nearing the three month anniversary of my true introduction to this compelling DEMONESS, and there seems to be no abating.

Three months… usually by that time most gifts have gone the way of the Do-do. Or should I say the Dino–banished to the closet, then the attic; too mature now to keep ‘im out in public view; but also too sentimental to ever get rid of. (Sadly, he was lost in a move. Ah well, it was probably for the best.)

Unfortunately, wherever I go I can’t lose the internet. No, even in the dire straits of the no phone/no cable/no satellite times, the siren sounds her seductive call.

She’ll do her best to lure me to the library. Or a cafe. Or a friends house, where I will submit to her will, and spin that wheel o’ dex of academia and let my inner compass point the way.

Writing this has concreted my fear, and I will take appropriate action. The best I can do now, and forever, is to set limits on the amount of time I surf online; albeit for educational conquest, or plain old fun.

And from one writer to another you would do well to set limits for yourself if you are plagued by a similar situation.

Either way, it’s never a bad idea to set aside  allotted time devoted strictly to your writing. But take that a step further and allot yourself the necessary playtime, which will serve as your reward for putting in a hard day pounding the keys. This system of work=reward is untold millennia old and is still as useful today, as ever.

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