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It’s tough for techno-illiterate geezers & observations refuse to go quietly….

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March 22 09′

It’s Tough For A Dinosaur & Observations Don’t Go Quietly Into the Night

All this time I’ve devoted to trying to find the solution to my (e-mailing a word document) problem could’ve been avoided had I simply asked my Dad (admittedly, not often an easy thing to do).

I’ve still got the same server problem, but I was able to bypass it, and mail out my submission.

I’ve never taken a computer course and thus had never had anyone show me how to use Work’s word processor. If I did take one I certainly don’t remember it.

All this time I’ve been using it like a typewriter, because that was what I was used to. Like an idiot I knew nothing of copy and paste, and have missed out on submitting quite a few stories because of it.

To find out  my problem could be solved so easily was sort of disheartening. It solidified the fact that I am technologically illiterate and almost without hope. And as someone who aspires to learn as much as he possibly can, this failing is an aversion to my nature.

All this makes me feel incredibly old and out of sync with even my own generation. We have grown up with computers, and should all  be able to manipulate them at will.

I know what happened. I know where my timeline skewed. It was the rise of societies’ scapegoat. No, I’m not talking about horror novels, or the movies based on them, I’m referring to the video game. Continue reading

Contradictions & Quirks

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Looking back at my last two entries it seems as if there might be some contradiction, and I felt there may be a need for clarification. Using the internet as a tool to further your learning is a good thing.

But at what point does it become the crutch that allows you to rest on your laurels? Continue reading

Sample Contracts

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Sample Contracts: March 14th,2009 1:37am

Of course any writer’s main focus in life should be writing. Equally important is: reading. But of no less importance is learning the business/craft.

It’s the real reason why so many of us fail. If you read often it should come as no surprise that there is some pretty horrible work out there being published. And not all of it is self-published. Like most of us you have probably read books and thought, ‘I could do better than this. In fact I’ve thrown away nicer prose.’ Continue reading


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Sometimes a Helping Hand can Strangle: Wednesday March 11th, 2009 11:43pm

Lately, I’m becoming more aware of the time I spend on the internet under the guise of helping my writing career.

Untold hours spent trawling for writing related info. Oh I tell myself the pretty lie: that there is a world of free wisdom out there geared specifically for my kind, and that like a great sponge of gray matter I will readily absorb said knowledge.

And perhaps to some degree this is the truth. But the problem is: this educate thyself motto has taken a great portion of my time which could be spent writing.

I think the inherent malfunction may, in part, be, that I have lived most of my adult life without the use of the internet.

To me it’s like a new Christmas present, and I’m just as obsessed as I ever was with any of my shiny new toys.

Hopefully, this madness too shall pass. Though I’m nearing the three month anniversary of my true introduction to this compelling DEMONESS, and there seems to be no abating. Continue reading

Failure to Launch

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Launch failure of a Long March 3B rocket with ...

Failure To Launch: Monday March 2, 2009 10:04pm

I’ve spent the last two days trying to figure out how to send a story out. If I ever do uncover the vast secrets behind sending out a word document, I shall praise the lord.

My self induced hiatus from technology is to blame. It used to be that I had an understanding of how to manipulate these electronic boxes. But that was ages ago when people were still required to enter actual program names and directives in that archaic language lost, which is DOS.

I’ve sent submissions via e-mail often, it’s just that when I set up my first e-mail account on YAHOO I used the servers an internet source  directed me to use.

Unbeknownst to me my instructions were dated, and thus useless.

Having fixed the compatibility/ port problem I still wasn’t able to submit my word documents. The centers of solution pointed in the direction of Windows Live Mail, and here I am writing in the blog rather than checking to see if I could NOW send out my submissions.

I guess my point is this: If you’re a young writer, and you don’t know much about computers, get yourself in a computer class, and fast.

If I hadn’t spent  years writing on a typewriter, I wouldn’t be in this fix, but I wouldn’t change that experience for the world.

There’s something inherently mystical about that harmonious clickity-clack. The bell just doesn’t quite ring the same with these newfangled devices.

Thoroughly Annoyed,

S.C. Denton


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Was reading a writing book earlier today (on my Kindle) and I got pretty perturbed. A writer seemed to be perpetuating the myth that big publishing deserved to be paid for each hardback/paperback sale that took place after the initial sale of the book. This type of attitude–whether it’s what she actually meant or not–has really gotten under my skin.

At this point, in this industry, I’m a nobody–but that doesn’t mean that my opinion doesn’t matter. I am, after all, a consumer. A reader/consumer of books. That alone is enough for my opinion to matter. Beyond that I’m a writer; which means I have to take a side. And maybe you’re inclined to think I’d be on the side of the writer. That I believe the writer should be paid each and every time their book is sold. But that’s just not the case.

Why should publishers–or writers–be paid any more after the first sale of the book? Continue reading


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